Our travel conditions as of 01 July 2018

Dear Customer,

The following conditions, as far as agreed effectively, are part of the relationship between the customer and the tour operator Dr. Hofmann Holiday Service GmbH (hereinafter referred to as HOHOL) for future travel contract. They apply in particular to individual services (for example bungalow booking). Each customer acknowledges these conditions as single binding at the travel registration for himself and for the co-registered persons.
A contract between the customer and HOHOL for a package holiday (for example, airpackage travel tours) is governed by §§ 651 a-y of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch) plus the following travel conditions, which complete and supplement the statutory provisions. Before concluding the package travel contract, the customer receives the corresponding information sheet. Customer funds for a package holiday or the booking of related services are secured at tourVers in Hamburg, Germany. See point 2.3. These travel conditions according to §§ 651a-y ff. BGB expressly do not apply if the traveler does not book a package holiday, but only a single travel service (for example a bungalow, a hotel or a rental car) with Dr. Hofmann Holiday Service GmbH. A duty of information by means of the relevant information sheet does not apply in this case.
Bookings for ferries and rental cars are provided by HOHOL only as a third party service. HOHOL assumes no liability for these services. The basis are the terms and conditions / cancellation conditions of the respective service providers. See point 5.3.

1.Contract, travel confirmation
1.1. With the booking (travel registration) which must be done in written form, the customer offers to HOHOL the conclusion of a binding travel contract. For HOHOL the travel contract becomes binding as soon as he has confirmed to the customer the booking and the price of the journey in writing on a permanent data carrier. For the extent and nature of the services to be provided by HOHOL within the scope of the travel contract, only the descriptions, illustrations and price information in the catalogue or on the HOHOL website valid for the travel period apply.
1.2. If the content of the travel confirmation of HOHOL deviates from the content of the customer's travel registration, then there is a new offer from HOHOL to which HOHOL is bound for a period of 10 days. The contract is concluded on the basis of this new offer, if the customer accepts by express and written declaration within the binding period. This binding period does not apply to offers for flights, ferry or rental car.

2. Down payment, final payment, documents, processing fee, customer money protection
2.1. Within 10 days after receipt of the travel confirmation, a deposit of 15% of the travel price must be paid, maximum € 500. For certain services (such as ferry tickets) different terms of payment apply, which are marked separately in the offer. The final payment is due 28 days prior to departure. With payment of the balance, the customer receives his travel documents by e-mail as pdf files. Without payment of the total travel price there is no claim for the customer to receive the travel service by HOHOL. If the travel documents have not been received at least 7 days before departure, HOHOL must be informed immediately.
2.2. Service fee in Euro: Club Corsicana / Tropica / La Chiappa: 4 € per person. Ferry tickets without simultaneous reservation of a bungalow: 10 € per ticket. Scheduled air tickets: 50 € per ticket.
2.3. Holiday packages: HOHOL may only claim or accept payments on the travel price before the end of a package holiday if there is an effective customer’s money hedging contract and the customer has been provided with the security certificate. Upon conclusion of the contract, a down payment of 15% of the travel price will be due within 10 days upon delivery of the security certificate. The balance is due 28 days before departure. Our customer funds for the booking of a package holiday are, according to § 651 k BGB, insured with tourVERS in 22453 Hamburg, phone 040-2442880.

3. Services, prices, confirmed bungalow category
3.1. The scope of the contractual services results primarily from the service descriptions on the product pages and price lists of the website owned by HOHOL (www.club-corsicana.de) or the catalogue quotation and on the referring information in the customer’s travel confirmation. They may be supplemented by relevant passages of the HOHOL travel conditions.
3.2. HOHOL only confirms the booked bungalow category, but not a specific bungalow number. A specific number can only be noted as a wish.
3.3. If the customer does not pay the down payment and / or the remaining payment in accordance with the agreed payment terms, then HOHOL is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract after reminder with deadline and to terminate the contract. As compensation, HOHOL may charge the customer with cancellation fees in accordance with Section 5.3, unless there is a travel deficiency appearing.

4. Service and price changes
4.1. HOHOL reserves the right to change the published and confirmed travel prices as follows: If the travel costs at the conclusion of the travel contract increase, in particular fuel costs, HOHOL may increase the price as follows: a) In the event of a seat-based increase, the passenger is charged to pay this additional amount. b) In other cases, the additional costs demanded by the transport company shall be divided by the number of seats of the means of transport. The resulting additional amount for the single seat may be charged to the traveler. An increase is only permitted if there are more than 4 months between the conclusion of the contract and the travel date and the circumstances leading to the increase did not occur before conclusion of the contract and were not foreseeable at the time the contract was concluded. In the event of a subsequent change in the price of the journey, we will inform the traveler immediately. Price increases from the 20th day before departure are ineffective.
4.2. HOHOL is obliged to inform the customer clearly and understandably about service and price changes on a durable medium (for example by E-mail).
4.3. In the event of price increases of more than 5% or in the event of a significant change in a substantial travel service, the traveler is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract at no cost or to request participation in an at least equivalent journey.

5. Resignation by the guest, rebooking, replacement person, processing fee
5.1. The customer can withdraw from the travel contract at any time prior to departure. The resignation must be declared to HOHOL, stating the invoice number. The declaration of withdrawal must be submitted in writing. Decisive for the resignation date is the receipt of the declaration of withdrawal at HOHOL in D-82211 Herrsching, Bahnhofstr.26
5.2. If the customer steps back before the start of the journey or if he does not start the journey, HOHOL loses the claim to the travel price. Instead, HOHOL may claim reasonable compensation, unless the cancellation is the responsibility of HOHOL or if exceptional circumstances occur at the place of destination or in its immediate vicinity. Circumstances are exceptional or unavoidable if they are not under the control of HOHOL, and their consequences could not have been avoided even if all reasonable precautions had been taken.
5.3. HOHOL has determined the following compensation lump sums (with proof that no or less costs were incurred in connection with your resignation) with regard to the period between resignation and start of the trip as follows: For Club Corsicana and Tropica

The cancellation fees are in % of the total travel price
Gesamtreisepreises berechnet.
Bungalow own arrival up to 60 days before departure
Until 60 days before departure 20%
59 - 30 days before departure 25%
29 - 15 days before departure 40%
14 - 7 days before departure 65%
from 6 days before departure 85%
1 day before departure or no show 100%
for La Chiappa  
up to 30 days before departure 20%
from 29 days before arrival 75%
After the start of the journey and early departure no refund at all  
for Corsica Ferries / Moby Lines tickets: Cancellation fees
TO Tarif: non changeable, no reimbursement 100%
Standard Tarif: changeable, no reimbursement – rebooking fee: 30.- Euro per way 100%
FLEX Tarif : changeable and refundable Cancellation fees Flex
up to one month prior to departure 10%
until 48h prior to departure 20%
until 1h prior to departure 50%
less than 1h prior to departure 100%

Keine Erstattung gibt es nach Abfahrt oder bei nachträglicher Umbuchung der PKW – oder Kabinenkategorie sowie bei wetterbedingten Umbuchungen. Es gelten immer die gültigen Bedingungen der Corsica Ferries oder Moby Lines.Tickets zum Tarif Standard: können bei Zahlung eines Betrages von 30€ zuzüglich eventueller Preisdifferenzen modifiziert werden. Sie können aber nicht erstattet werden, weder teilweise noch vollständig. Bitte beachten: Die Ihnen vor der definitiven Reservierung per E-mail mitgeteilten Preise sind tagesaktuelle Preise. Diese Preise können sich jederzeit ändern.

Please note: the prices communicated to you by e-mail before the final reservation are daily updated prices. These prices are subject to change. The total ticket price of the ferry will be rounded by us to the next full Euro, for example: 232.76 Euro will be charged with 233.- Euro.

5.5. Teilweise Stornierung (z.B. Verkürzung der gebuchten Reise um einige Tage) nach Erhalt der Buchungsbestätigung/Rechnung des gebuchten Aufenthalts wird wie eine No-Show berechnet = 100% Stornogebühren für die stornierten Reisetage.

5.6. For changes to your Corsicana, Tropica or La Chiappa booking up to 60 days before departure a rebooking fee of Euro 50,- will be charged, for air travel the fees of the respective airline will be charged. An additional payment at the valid price can become due. Later changes will be charged as a resignation with subsequent registration.
5.7. Different cancellation policy for scheduled air tickets: Such cancellation fees vary according to the conditions of the respective airline. Cancellation costs for airline tickets of Germanwings or Lufthansa: 100%.
5.8. Cancellation fees for car rental bookings: 50 € in case of cancellation before departure.
5.9. The customer has the right to name a substitute. (Rebooking fee € 30). Hohol may object to the change of person if this person does not meet the special travel requirements or opposes legal regulations or official orders. For booked airline tickets it is not possible to have the ticket rewritten to another person. Please conclude a cancellation insurance which covers the cost of a cancellation before departure in case of accident or illness. Under point 10 you will find our cancellation protection and relevant conditions.

6. Resignation by HOHOL due to failure to reach the minimum number of participants

6.1. If an advertised or officially specified minimum number of participants is not reached, HOHOL is entitled to cancel the journey up to four weeks before the start of the journey. The customer receives the paid travel price back immediately.

7. Limitation of liability

7.1. The contractual liability of HOHOL for damages that are not bodily injury and were not culpably caused is limited to three times the travel price.
7.2.HOHOL is not liable for service disturbances, personal injury and material damages in connection with service which are mediated as by third-party services only (e.g. booking of a ferry ticket), if these services are clearly marked as third-party services in the travel advertisement and the travel confirmation.
7.3. For all damage claims due to property damage due to unauthorized acts, HOHOL is liable per customer and travel up to € 4091. However, if the price of the journey exceeds € 1364 the restriction applies to the triple travel price. Otherwise, the statutory provisions apply.
7.4. If liability limitations are provided in international conventions or on such regulations for service providers of HOHOL, HOHOL may invoke these in the event of corresponding damage.
7.5. The participant is obliged to notify his complaints immediately to the local HOHOL tour guide. Such is commissioned to provide remedy, if possible. If the traveler neglects to report a defect culpably, a claim for reduction does not occur. Tour guides are not allowed to accept any claims.
7.6. If luggage is lost or damaged on flights, the passenger is obliged to complete a claim notice (P.I.R.) to the airline on site. In the absence of a claim, there is not entitlement.

8. Exclusion of claims and statute of limitations

8.1. The claims of a traveler described in § 651 i (3) BGB become time-barred after two years. The statute of limitations begins with the day on which the journey should end the contract. The statutory provisions for the limitation of the statute of limitations (§§ 203 ff. BGB) apply also in this case without restriction. The limitation of customer claims due to injury to life, limb or health, grossly negligent or intentional breaches of duty by Dr.Hofmann Holiday Service GmbH, a legal representative or vicarious agent of Dr.Hofmann Holiday Service GmbH as well as other statutory provisions than § 651 i (3) BGB (eg according to §§ 241 (2), 311, 832 ff. BGB) are governed by the statutory provisions.

9. Passport, visa, customs, foreign exchange and health regulations

9.1. Citizens of European Union countries need a valid identity card or passport to enter France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. In a children's passport the nationality must be registered. Please always give us your nationality before making a final booking so that we can inform you about possible provisions.


9.2. The customer is responsible for procuring and carrying the officially required travel documents, any necessary vaccinations and compliance with customs and foreign exchange regulations. Disadvantages arising from non-compliance with these regulations, e.g. the payment of cancellation fees, are charged to the customer. This does not apply if HOHOL has not informed, inadequately or incorrectly.

10. Cancellation insurance incl. travel interruption insurance (Germany = RRV) for ferry and flight tickets (via TUI - Vers-4u) and holiday apartments.

10.1 The insurance must be taken out when booking the trip or until max. 14 days after receipt of the travel confirmation. The RRV with deductible (SB) (= 20% of the cancellation fee paid by the customer) or no deductible (= no SB) replaces the cost of a cancellation that occurs before departure, or due to premature termination of the trip. The RRV will pay the cancellation fees (also for a ferry or plane ticket listed on our invoice or included in the package price) if the premium is paid, the customer informed our office immediately and confirms a medical condition by a medical certificate under the following conditions a) Sudden, serious illness, accident or death of registered participants b) illness, accident, death of close relatives of fellow travelers or major damage to personal property (fire, burglary), which makes home-based attendance indispensable. c) vaccination intolerance and pregnancy occurring after completion of the booking and medical advice not to travel. d) Loss of employment without one’s fault as a result of termination by the employer of the insured person. Settlement: The RRV is deemed to have been completed if it has been confirmed and invoiced to the customer. In case of cancellation, HOHOL must be informed immediately in writing. Illness-related cancellations must be documented with a medical certificate. HOHOL sends the customer corresponding forms for processing.
10.2 Premium calculation: per family or object (eg bungalow or apartment). To be considered a family = a maximum of two (2) adults (irrespective of the relationship) and at least one accompanying child (up to 25 years). The object is an apartment or a bungalow. Should only individual persons withdraw from the travel contract valid for several travelers, the booked RRV does not enter into force - the additional costs incurred thereby for the remaining travelers are to be borne by the resigned persons. A booked ferry ticket is insured, if it is listed on our invoice.

Total booking price With self retention =20% without self retention without self retention
Euro Per Person/ Family/object up to the age of 64 years from 65 years of age
up to 800.- 26.- 39.- 47.-
up to 1000.- 29.- 45.- 54.-
up to 1200.- 35.- 52.- 62.-
up to 1400.- 39.- 59.- 71.-
up to 1600.- 43.- 65.- 78.-
up to 1800.- 48.- 69.- 83.-
up to 2000.- 54.- 75.- 90.-
up to 2500.- 70.- 97.- 116.-
up to 3000.- 91.- 127.- 152.-
up to 4000.- 108.- 150.- 179.-

The insurance must be taken when booking the trip or until max. 14 days after receipt of the travel confirmation.

Contact details of the Complaints and Conciliation Body for Insurance Mediation:
If you have cause for complaint in connection with the insurance mediation, you can contact this extrajudicial complaint and conciliation body (Ombudsman):

Insurance Ombudsman e. V.,
PO Box 080632, 10006 Berlin,
Telephone: 0800 3696000, Fax: 0800 3699000

Homepage: www.versicherungsombudsmann.de

11. Jurisdiction

11.1. Seat of the company
11.2. The above conditions shall only be valid if and insofar as statutory conditions which come into effect after printing do not provide otherwise.
11.3. The invalidity of individual conditions does not result in the ineffectiveness of the entire travel contract.
11.4. Obvious printing and calculation errors entitle us to contest the travel contract.

12. Tour operator

Dr. Hofmann Holiday Service GmbH = abbreviated HOHOL
Telephone +49 8152/1059
Bahnhofstrasse 26 in 82211 Herrsching, Germany
Registered: HRB Munich 45426
VAT No .: DE 128.221.435
Managing Director: L.A. Hofmann
As of: October 2018