Île de Beauté

The Beautiful Harbour City


The port city of Calvi is located in the northwest of Corsica on the same Gulf of Calvi and is the capital of the Balagne region. Calvi is the fourth largest town in Corsica with just under 5400 inhabitants and one of the most visited spots in Corsica because of its citadel, beautiful old town and governor's palace as well as its picturesque yacht and ferry port. The five kilometers long, wide, beautiful city beach is one of the most beautiful in Corsica. Although many tourists cavort in Calvi in mid-summer, the town never loses its cheerful, almost Italian-cheery atmosphere. From our Club Corsicana you need about 2 hours by car.

The Secret Capital


Corte was the capital of the island during Corsica’s short independence under Pasquale Paoli and is still referred to as the secret capital of Corsica. To this day, Corte has remained a symbol of the struggle for the independence and self-determination of the Corsicans. As the only major town in Corsica, Corte is not by the sea, but deep in the northern interior, beautifully situated at the confluence of three rivers, surmounted by a citadel built on a rock. In the area, there are beautiful hiking trails. By car you need about 1 hour. The route takes you over Aléria, the capital of ancient Corsica.

Impressive Fortress City


Bonifacio is located on the southern tip of Corsica and is due to its location high on the white chalk cliffs of a narrow promontory, probably the most impressive fortress town of Corsica. The houses of the old town seem to float above the abyss, below which the sea has washed deep grottoes into the sandstone coast, which can be explored on boat trips. Behind the chalk cliffs is the deep-cut, well-protected natural harbor of Bonifacio, which is now used as a fishing and yachting harbor. Bonifacio is a highlight to any Corsica traveller due to its spectacular location.

Oil Mill


Oil mill in Linguizzetta - organic olive oil in the best quality "extra vergine". If you head south from the Club Corsicana to Bravone, shortly after the mayor's office (mairie annexe) and the restaurant "Chez Marie", turn right and follow the signs to "Oltremonti". Founded in 2008, 2012 was the year of the first harvest. In a relaxed sequence, guided tours, followed by tasting, are offered in the mill. Should you miss it, get yourself a bottle every Thursday at the Bravone market.

Fragrant Garden

Essences Naturelles

Discover the fragrance garden of the Keyserlingk family, the world of aromatic and perfume plants of the Mediterranean, as well as the craft of processing into essential oils, natural extracts and organic cosmetic products directly on the farm. Join a free guided tour, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10h00 in French or 10h30 in German. In the nearby farm shop you will find a large selection of their products. From the Club drive to Moriani, turn left at the intersection in central Moriani Plage heading towards the mountains. Follow the road 1km, turn left again. After 800m you arrive at the farm “Bordeo”.

Strolling and Browsing

Summer Markets

Every Thursday (June - September):
8h - 13h in Bravone

Every Friday (July / August):
Shopping de nuit in Ghisonnaccia, Aleria and Bastia

Every Sunday:
8h - 12h: Flea market on Place Saint Nicolas in Bastia
9h - 13h in the market hall at the exit of Moriani, direction Bastia
3pm - 9pm: Flea market at supermarket Casino in Moriani Plage




Sailing School