Certified sports instructor "Larissa" has been managing our sailing club for several years now.

She and her husband offer individual support by experienced sailors, a casual atmosphere and nice people on board.

Dear Sailing Enthusiasts,

All sports' fans meet at our sailing platform, where we will introduce you to the theory and practice of sailing and surfing. Whether you get confused by any "simple" knots or your overexcitement caused you to lose a regatta.... we will find a solution for anything and answer all questions about right of way, manoeuvres, courses, trimming, etc.
Our sailing club offers a diverse programme of sailing and surfing opportunities in a casual atmosphere. Make new friends during our sailing trips. Children may take part in our pirate's trip once a week. If you simply want to watch our hurly-burly from the beach, you can rent a deck chair and parasol with us. The Corsicana club card entitles you to a discount.

Larissa, Jan, Luna Marie and Tom