Welcome to nudist holidays on Corsica at the
The current weather

Our two facilities are located 60 km South of Bastia at the East Coast.

4 km sandy nudist beach, every child's dream,
pleasantly warm in the pre- and post-season.
Nice and hot in July and August,
but always cooled by a breeze blowing in from the sea.
Relaxed atmosphere, naturism légère.

Bungalows in all price classes (about 200), just a stone's throw from the beach,
- 13 cottages with a view of the sea -
Hotel times? ... thanks, but no – breakfast at home,
salad at the barbecue for lunch,
dinner à la carte in the restaurant with a view of the sea.

No daily animation and yet you can also:
explore a shipwreck with "Diving Peter " or .... go snorkelling in the sea,
paddling in the sun ... hobby sailing with "Larissa",
  or just a leisurely walk on the beach.
Read, doze ... tan by the sea, enjoy the beach,
visit the sauna, enjoy a massage from "Annette" and
spend your evenings at "Karim"'s bar.

In short:
If you want to use your holiday to really relax
in the company of nice people who are confident enough not to wear annoying clothes at the beach,
even if they are not built like models,
you have found just the right place.
... Pure relaxation ! ...

We wish you nice and sunny holidays !

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Bahnhofstr. 26 / D-82211 Herrsching

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