House Rules - Club Corsicana and Tropica

Dear holiday guests,

Our bungalows shall be a second home to you. You shall feel comfortable and relax. Every effort and a lot of passion has been put into their equipment and furniture and we hope you find everything you need.

We have set up some house rules which shall ensure a harmonious stay. Please read below.


If you miss anything in the facility or if you need any help, feel free to contact us. Any bungalow or balcony/terrace equipment is intended for your use. You and your fellow travelers are requested to handle it with care.

Arrival and departure

The bungalow reserved for you is available at 15:00 hrs. Nevertheless, please let us know your expected arrival time a few days before your arrival day to ensure a safe key hand-over. Check-in and out takes place at the Club Corsicana reception.

Check-out on the day of departure is until 10:00 hrs.  Please leave your bungalow clean and tidy.

Please note that during the night from 20:00 till 08:00, as well as during the noon rest from 12:00 till 14 :00  no car traffic is allowed on our premises. If you depart within these times please prepare some hand luggage. If you leave before 08:00 in the morning, load your car on the eve of departure until 20:00.  The reception will assign you a special car park for your loaded car for the night.

When leaving the bungalow

Always close the windows and, if existing, draw in blinds to avoid any damage thunderstorms or bad weather could provoke. To save energy in the months when heating (if any) is necessary please ventilate only intermittently. Please switch off any electrical appliances, air conditioning etc.

Naturism – Nudism

Club Corsicana is a naturist holiday village. We ask you to respect the general rules of naturism. At our beach it is compulsory to be unclothed.


Are not allowed in Club Corsicana. In Tropica, however, you may bring your pet with you.


Parents are responsible for their children. For any valuables you bring or any accidents which (… hopefully may not) happen we assume no liability.

Domiciliary right

Under certain circumstances (for example repairs) it may be necessary for the landlord or staff to enter your bungalow.


For bungalow categories MC4, MC5 and all bungalows on Tropica we take a deposit of 100€. Payable in cash at the reception during check-in. The deposit will be returned during check-out if the bungalow is left tidy and clean. (In single cases it may happen that the deposit cannot be refunded immediately on departure of the holiday guest. In this case we ensure a quick bank transfer to your account).


We kindly ask you to ventilate the rooms sufficiently, at least once a day for 5-10 min and particularly after having a shower to avoid mould formation.

Non smoking accommodation

Smoking is not allowed in the bungalows.


Free parking is available at the reception. Access to your bungalow is only allowed on arrival or departure day. From 20:00  till 08:00, as well as during the noon rest from 12:00 till 14:00 no traffic is allowed on our premises.


  • Please empty the refrigerator before leaving.
  • Please return only cleaned and dry dishes to the boards
  • Please do not throw any waste, food remains, hygiene articles, fats or any dangerous liquids in the sink, washbasin, shower, WC, otherwise unpleasant blockages may occur.
  • Please enter the bungalow with clean and dry street shoes.
  • We ask you to separate the garbage. You will find instructions in your bungalow.

Rest periods
In the spirit of good neighborhood, we ask you to comply with the public rest periods during lunch time and at night from 22:00 till 07:00.

Bungalow key

Please do not give your bungalow key to third people. If the key goes lost, the tenant is liable up to the amount of the replacement costs and, if applicable, the costs for replacing the door lock.

Duty of care

The tenant must treat the rental property with care and ensure that his fellow travelers comply with the rental conditions. Nobody will deliberately damage things, but it can happen that anything breaks. We would be glad if you report the damage immediately. The tenant is liable for any damages in the amount of the replacement costs.

By booking a bungalow, we take for granted that our house rules are accepted.

Thank you for your attention.
We wish you a pleasant stay, a lot of fun, relaxation and recreation. For any questions we are happy to help


HOHOL & Club Corsicana