Since 1995, the family Stude, Peter, Sylvia, daughter Eva and son Pierre have been managing our diving basis in the CLUB CORSICANA under the motto "diving is our hobby, and our hobby it shall remain!”

From the Corsicana beach, you have direct access to intact reefs or acient shipwrecks. Dragging the diving boat, the divers visit the tame Dusky groupers in the nature preserve of the Lavezzi islands or the legendary bomber of Calvi.
Peter's crew will assist you individually and mostly in a good mood – unless our crew member Dennis has filled the 200 PS outboard tank with diesel again.

If the sea water is too salty for your taste, you may only do an initial lesson and jump into the 15 x 15 m fresh water pool in a nearby place. This is the place for beginners and children to start their diving careers.

Additionally, the school offers its legendary barbecue nights where no cutlet remains uneaten.

Professional equipment is a matter of course:
30 all-new diving sets: neoprene suits in all sizes, 8-10-12l cartridges, UW-video equipment, UW-cameras, computers (not UW), lamps for night diving, etc. and 3 high-performance compressors.