Your holiday address is:

Club Corsicana in F - 20230 San Nicolao

Phone: 0033-495-388025 Fax.: 0033-495-389014 email: clubcorsicana@orange.fr

The GPS coordinates are: + 42 degrees 13 min. 31.87 sec. / + 9 degrees 32 min. 54.25 sec.


Opening hours:
8 AM - 12 PM and 2 PM – 6 PM (in the main season until 8 PM).
The night guard is on duty after 8 PM.

This is where you arrive. You can rent a safe here or already book your next stay. You can send out mail, make phone calls, use the WiFi in the inner courtyard, send fax messages or book excursions.

Please call us in advance (0033-495-388025) if you might arrive during closed hours. Show your voucher at the reception desk to receive your keys. This goes for San Carlu, Centre or Tropica guests as well.


Arrivals and departures to and from the club are possible every day of the week!

Use this service. Few facilities offer it. Avoid arriving on a Saturday, you would spend all day stuck in traffic and the ferries have higher fees. Stay 12 days, or 35 days, if you prefer.

Check in: About 3PM.

Check out: Latest 10AM.

Dr. Hofmann Holiday Service – TRAVEL SERVICE


We have a beautiful office in the courtyard of the Club's reception desk. Phone: 04-95-388025. 

We deal with your problems, re-book your ship ticket or reserve a charter flight for you. 
On site – fast and unbureaucratic. 
You may borrow Corsica travel and hiking guides, DVDs and a few audio book CDs free of charge here in the office.


Our hot spots are located in the reception area's inner courtyard and at the beach bar.

CREDIT CARDS and where to get CASH

Credit Cards are not accepted in the Club or the Club restaurant.
There is an 
EC / VISA / MASTERCARD ATM at the supermarket "E. LECLERC" - 3km distance from the Club.


If you want to rent a car, we urgently suggest that you do so from/to the Bastia or Calvi airport. Rented cars are much more expensive on site than when booked through our Herrsching office.


Until 15 June and after 15 September, there may be noise at times due to military exercises of the French army on the drill area near Bravone (These times reflect the last years' experience. The French military authorities will not provide more detailed information/times/flight hours).


In the SAN CARLU facility, we rent out the bungalows on the order of their owners. These bungalows are more individually furnished. Small differences, even within the same category, are therefore possible. Each bungalow at least corresponds to our description in the leaflet, however. The San Carlu guests receive support from the reception desk in the CLUB CORSICANA and can use all facilities of nearby CLUB CORSICANA as well.