First take the RN 193 (Route Nationale) from Bastia direction Bonifacio. After 10km on a 4 lane road you reach the new highway direction Bonifacio. Follow the highway. 4km after Casamozza you are on the old RN 198. From there, drive about 16 km on the RN 198 towards Bonifacio until you reach the little town of Moriani Plage. 13 km behind Moriani, you can see the two light towers of Alistro on the right (circled red in the picture). To your right, you can see the E. LECLERC supermarket.
about 1km before the E. LECLERC and 1 km behind the E. LECLERC, fixed radar traps have been placed at the side of the road. Observe the speed limit of 70 km/h.
The Club is another 3 km from here. After half the distance, there is a Ford garage on the right. The next 800m go pretty straight. You will pass the "A Furesta" and "Tropica" driveways.

In front of the driveway, leading up to the Club Corsicana, the road rises a little bit. A slight curve to the right follows from which the Club driveway branches off to the left in front of a pine stand. The Club Corsicana sign, shown in the picture on the left, is also placed here. Be careful when taking the turn in this curve! Indicate your direction in time, watch the traffic in the rear view mirror and keep an eye on traffic towards you. Many people speed here!
shows you the RN 198 from Bastia to the Club in Street View. Hint: Start out in Alistro.


Speed limits: in town 50 km/h – out of town 90 km/h.
Seatbelts: mandatory everywhere in a car
Alcohol limit: 0.5 per mille
Child car seats are mandatory.
The Corsicans drive quickly and like to overtake cars – particularly on the " route nationale ". Keep an eye on traffic behind you. Drive passively. Expect motorcycle riders, in particular on the narrow mountain roads. Watch out for cows, horses and sheep.