Electrical voltage at the Club and Tropica: 220V
Our French outlets require a flat plug or a Schuko plug with earthing pins.


We reserve the right to collect a deposit at your arrival. Categories MC-4MC-1 plus and MC-2 plus, as well as the Tropica bungalows, are subject to a mandatory deposit (100 Euros). Please keep this amount ready in cash at your arrival.


All ( but some owner bungalows ) have single beds.
Bed size: 80 x 190 cm with a 12cm thick, firm foam mattress with cover. Children's beds (surrounded by a grid) and high chairs for children up to 3 years of age are provided free of charge. 



Bed linen are provided.

After one week, take the bungalow textiles to "Fifine", where you will receive a new laundry package.

Opening hours:from Mon - Fr, 9 am 12oo.

The textiles package comprises one of each of:
Fitted sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase, towel 80 x 45, bath towel 130 x 70, a kitchen towel, dishcloth and cleaning rag.

You can have your personal laundry done for a fee.

Large bathing, showering or sauna towels must be brought by the guests.


Upon your arrival, you will receive a cleaned bungalow. As this is the only cleaning included in the fee, you are responsible for the daily cleaning. 

Before you leave, we ask you to
- wash the dishes
- sweep the bungalow
- remove the bed linen and
- take out the trash.

This way, you can help to avoid an extra fee for cleaning the bungalow.
Extra cleaning fee when moving to a different bungalow during your stay: 50.00 Euros


Our pictures show the furnishings of a bungalow for two persons.

- Untensils, dishes, glasses, pots, salad bowls, cheese grinder, lemon press etc.

- Small bottle of detergent

- Two rolls of toilet paper

The bungalows do not have an oven or a coffee machine. Coffee is made with the "Alessi" system where you press the coffee through hot water in a glass cylinder.

Only in the MC-4 bungalow you find a small oven/grill in the bungalow.